This lesson is being piloted (Beta version)

More Modern CMake: Pre-workshop Material

Before working through the tutorial, please be diligent and read through this page and ensure you are familiar with all of these computing skills. They are essential for any HEP physicist and will benefit you throughout your career. However, if you are pressed for time in the next days then be sure to install and familiarize yourself with Docker.

Install This Now!: Docker

Docker is a powerful tool that allows you to perform a virtualisation of your environment but completely in software. It allows you to bundle up the installation of tools for use by others in a uniform way and we will be using it throughout this bootcamp. Installing docker is absolutely necessary and there are directions to do this in each operating system. For those of you that are using a Windows operating system, if you already have docker running and are comfortable using it, that is fine. However, if you do not, then be aware that its usage on Windows can be challenging and none of the tutors know how to use such a setup. Therefore, we highly recommend that you reconsider your decision to use the Windows operating system as a high energy physicist.

Useful docker containers: